Texas Real Estate Trends 2022

The state of Texas is one of the largest and most populated in the country. It has also been a great place to own real estate. Those that live throughout the state, particularly in the metro Austin and Dallas areas, have seen dramatic growth in demand and property values. However, similar to other real estate markets across the country, Texas is seeing changes in the real estate market in 2022. There are various Texas 2022 real estate trends to be aware of if you own a property or are looking to move here.

Prices Increased in Early 2022

One of the factors identified by real estate buyers is that prices continued to increase in 2022. Real estate prices throughout the state had a median sales price of $383,000 in May 2022, which was up 18% in just one year. They were also up more than 50% in the past three years alone. However, there are signs that prices are starting to decline. The median price in Texas fell about 8% from the high with a median price of around $356,000 in September.

Number of Sales Down

The number of sales taking place has also continued to decline. In September 2022, Texas saw just under 27,000 homes being sold. This is down around 17% compared to September 2021. Further, homes that are listed for sale are continuing to sit on the market longer as property owners should expect a home to sit for 31 days on average, which is two weeks longer than it was just one year ago.

Cause of Slowdown in Market

There are various factors that could influence a continued slowdown in the real estate market. Many economic pressures, including increased real estate prices, higher interest rates, and increased inflation. It remains to be seen what the long-term impact will be on real estate here. This could pose challenges for those looking to sell.

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